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Training Phases

Optimize training effectiveness by implementing the following steps

Phase Manager Trainer Trainee
Before Training
  • Include supervisors and trainees in the needs analysis
  • Explain the importance of the training
  • Make the new skills part of the job requirements
  • All managers, supervisors, and co–workers should be trained – preferably together
  • Tailor instruction to fit the needs analysis
  • Develop behavioral objectives
  • Design instruction
  • Determine the delivery format
  • Provide pre-training exercises
  • Contribute to needs analysis
  • Complete pre-training exercises
During Training
  • Prevent interruptions
  • Transfer work assignments to others
  • Communicate training support
  • Introduce behavioral objectives
  • Present course material
  • Conduct training exercises
  • Give individualized feedback
  • Actively participate
  • Link with fellow trainee
  • Complete assignments
  • Create work related behavioral contracts
After Training
  • Set mutual expectations for improvement
  • Provide time and opportunity to practice new skills
  • Provide tools and materials for the new methodology
  • Provide role models
  • Give positive reinforcement
  • Offer rewards for demonstrated new behavior
  • Provide post-training support
  • Evaluate results and provide feedback
  • Offer supporting courses
  • Review course material
  • Practice learned skills
  • Work collaboratively with co-workers
  • Emulate a role model