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Clients' Remarks

Gene does an outstanding job in capturing audience interest and cites numerous real life experiences to enrich his material. When our employees left the classroom, they were able to view their job challenges with a creative slant which enabled them to start solving problems. His program was both down-to-earth and non-threatening which made participation flow freely. Excellent approach!

Ray Plate, General Manager
Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc.

Mr. Cogorno, I was in your GD&T class today, and I just wanted to say thank you! The class was very informative. I definitely learned a lot! But you made it fun, interesting, and enjoyable. I know the book and my notes will come in handy throughout my career as an engineer. I'll be keeping an eye out for the Advanced GD&T class, when Novellus chooses to offer it.

Jennie Livingston, Mechanical Engineer
Novellus Systems, Inc.

Mr. Cogorno provided useful, easy to understand instruction of GD&T. His teaching style was able to hold the group's attention while covering complex subject matter. I had many class attendees comment on Gene's effective teaching methods.

Kurt Estes, Lead Engineer
Motorola Corporation

As an individual and a Design Engineer, I believe that the Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing session, provided by TTC, is a value added course and I would recommend it to anyone pursuing a career in engineering.

Joseph S. Alina, Mechanical Designer
Intel Corporation

Mr. Cogorno's practical experience as it relates to machining and measuring, and the examples he used to explain Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing were of great benefit to all participants. Many thanks for presenting a complicated topic as a simple one.

Salem Salloum, Engineering Manager

Mr. Cogorno's simple but thorough training techniques helped me pass my ASQC Certified Mechanical Inspector Exam the first time I took the test. Thanks, Gene!

Scott Miller, ASQC Certified Mechanical Inspector
Lockheed Martin

This has been by far the best presentation of Statistical Process Control that I have been involved with. Gene makes a complicated subject like SPC simple, concise, and easily understood by individuals of all educational levels.

Jim McCrummen, Quality Assurance Manager
Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc.

Mr. Cogorno is an excellent instructor. His approach is very professional and he makes people feel comfortable expressing themselves. He did a great job.

Marty Castilla, Quality Assurance Manager
Trimble Navigation

The GD&T training provided by Gene Cogorno helped to educate our staff as well as standardize the understanding of GD&T in our company. Design Engineers, QA Inspectors, and Machinists all benefited from Gene's professional training.

Cynthia Mann, Quality Assurance Supervisor

With Mr. Cogorno's training, employees learned the value of data collection, and for the first time they started justifying their suggestions with potential dollar savings for the company. Gene easily gained the attention and respect of our employees; therefore his training was very successful.

Reagan Foley, Ontario Plant Manager
Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc.

Gene was an instant success with our people! He demonstrated excellent ability to identify with employees and modify his delivery to accommodate our diverse work group.

Gregg Moss, Bell Plant Manager
Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc.

Mr. Cogorno presented his course in a way that allowed Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance personnel to understand both the theory and the practical implementation of GD&T as it applies to our product line. Highly recommended!

John Bender, Drafting Supervisor
Tavis Corporation

Gene Cogorno helped develop, refine, improve, and instruct a Supplier (identified) Problem course. This course was developed to teach engineers how to use Applied Materials' Supplier Problem Sheets (SPS) which are used to communicate problems between suppliers and engineers. Great Job Gene!!

Dennis Maloney, Engineering Services
Applied Materials